Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Half-empty, Half-full

Well hell. Things here are pretty much bazoo. So I'm thinking about approaching it in two different ways. A game! Let's call it glass half empty, glass half full. Not necessarily in that order. It'll be a monthly tado.

Things here are going great! I have two beautiful daughters, who seem to be getting along better each and every day. For the moment we are all in good health, and we haven't been to the emergency room in over a month! Jeff (hubby's alias) has thus far managed to allude working at a firm and we fully enjoy his company on weekends and in the evenings during the week. We live in a beautiful rental home and have enough room for us and our au-pair Marie (?) to exist comfortably. We have great neighbors and find our location to meet out needs perfectly. I greatly enjoy my new job working for the cow people (true story) and Jeff, well he loves what he does too. My mother is coming into town for the inauguration and has hinted to others that perhaps she'll surprise us and pop by. Family visits are always so exciting and eventful! I usually don't make New Year's resolutions, but broke with tradition this year and made two. Fingers crossed!

Good God. If you're still with me let's move on to half empty.

Things here, are interesting. My daughters seem to be exploring the possibility that perhaps they need not be mortal enemies. Or at least full-on hate one another. Up until these past few weeks, things weren't looking so good.

Today Jeff's company filed for bankruptcy. Bitchinn. He will have a guaranteed paycheck (with insurance. oh let's not leave out insurance!) for 35 more days--34 if you don't count today, which I do.

We have law school debt and aren't barred. Heh. heheheheheh.

We paid almost $20,000 in medical bills last year what with my crazy and Sophie's (1 year old alias) hospital vacations. The thought of not having health insurance next month has me paralyzed.

I'm on meds for my crazy and per the suggestion of my health care provider have attempted to incorporate exercise into my routine. I've worked out twice. In two months. I am the Biggest Loser.

My hair is falling out in clumps from stress. But I'm actually pretty okay with it because I've always felt my mane to be too thick. (wait, i think i'm confusing my glasses)

My mother, who is abusive and cruel, is landing on my doorstep next week. (I have elves. They tell me things.) At my request we are no longer communicate. As such this is not part of the agreement and I'm a little scared. We haven't had one conversation in over ten years that hasn't resulted in tears (mine) and vomiting (me again). (too graphic? it's glass half empty people!) That and the timing BLOWS.

I've been looking for alternate rental homes in the area and there are none. Apparently no one wants to buy in this market (i just don't understand!) and so finding something cheaper is proving to be more difficult than anticipated. That and our landlord is giving us a screaming deal on the house we're living in now, and so going cheaper pretty much means putting up a tent in the neighbors backyard. (they have a big dog. we'd be safe.)

I have two goals that I'd set for this year and thus far haven't done a damn thing about either. Bravo.

Erin, my word for this year is breath.